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Stories aren't confined within the bindings of a book
They flow like water, no before or after, and
Within one person find too many drops to count
Eighty percent of us is flowing in and out.

In a mirror / So unclear
Would it matter / If it shattered
I'm not here/ I'm inside
Clever I / Have learned to hide

Still to be / Seen / By the light / Of day

Peeling off / the wallpapers
Satisfying / Sounds are heard
Who am I / Outside of context
I'm defined / By my conflicts

There are stones / Hard to erode
Ancient tomes / In languages older than written word
I am listening / For the tinkling
Sound of dark water / Flowing within me.

It is not a window into who I am inside
It is an amalgam and out of my hands
I would like a door through which to step and
Instead of a stairway creaking you can hear my voice
It's singing
It's singing


released January 20, 2013




RAINBOW NOIR Santa Rosa, California

Two piece sensitive aggressive output, samples, drum kit, bells, whistles, nervous systems and nervousnesses
(The best men at each others' weddings to themselves)
Casa Voltron, Santa Rosa, CA

Recordings made in a basement room~we will make ones we like better that's for sure~Here's hoping soon so Black Mold in Santa Cruz can help us with tapez~cease transmission
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